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Notice how no speaker on the Republican platform referred to"United States. It took a while to sink in, I have to admit. But I believe we'll get to the point that even that changes. Issues From the Magazine Submit Poetry. Baylee Morton is a junior at WKU. Larry Schweikart, at freerepublic.

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Larry Schweikart, at freerepublic.

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Larry Schweikart: Bush Has Shifted the National Debate from Equality to Liberty

In contrast, in one of Bill Clinton's memorable speeches, he used a phrase like"family values" 11 timesbut did not say the word"liberty" once! Porter viewed the event as a way to make connections with others from surrounding areas and experience a sense of community. It was like Lincoln throwing in a few comments about temperance before getting to the hthick meat of anti-slavery. This is partly true because to many of them, the word"liberty" has little meaning. Taylor Snardon is a senior at WKU. He spoke of expanding school programs and funding rural medical clinics. Love shows no gender.

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How dramatic was Bush's shift? But I believe we'll get to the point that even that changes. Bush's themeone that he has allueded to in many contextsemerged with momentous clarity. Valerie North is a middle schooler from Beaverdam. Casada, who identifies as gay, expressed his appreciation for an environment where he could be proud of who he is. Baylee Morton is a junior at WKU. The New Deal is dead, finally.

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