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Retired psychology professor Stuart Loomis, who began the war as a Navy sharpshooter and ended it as a psychological assistant, tells of the intensified pressure felt by gays in his medical unit: Earlier this month, we told you how a church in Florida had agreed to allow a gay couple's child to be baptized after initially turning them away, igniting a weeklong national … [Read more The first Republican Texas lawmaker in history has come out in support of same-sex marriage. From Our Partners. Crazy Credits. Women's Army Corps radio technician Phyllis Abry--filmed months before she died of cancer--was such a model of the female ideal in the war effort that she was photographed for Army publicity purposes at work with a fellow WAC named Mildred, who also happened to be Abry's secret lover. Real Voices.

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Herbert Greenspan.

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Cecil Bell's House Billdesigned to undermine a potential ruling from the U. A high school teacher in Texas has resigned after admonishing a black student for using a gay slur by comparing it to the N-word. Additional Voice voice Pat Bond I think it will give you hope, too.

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Scott Sanford, R-McKinney, which would prohibit lawsuits against pastors or religious organizations who refuse to marry same-sex couples because it violates their moral beliefs.

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