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Rousseau would always see militias as the embodiment of popular spirit in opposition to the armies of the rulers, whom he saw as disgraceful mercenaries. The Democrats, as we speak, are getting ready to outdo the previous congress in terms of fiscal irresponsibility. A rather profligate spender, she had a large library and loved to entertain and listen to music. The practical difficulties of direct self-rule by the entire citizen body are obvious. Society corrupts men only insofar as the Social Contract has not de facto succeeded, as we see in contemporary society as described in the Discourse on Inequality For other uses, see Rousseau disambiguation. For recent discussion of Rousseau on conscience and reason, see Neidleman,ch.

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According to Rousseau, these were developed through the innate perfectibility of humanity.

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These mythopoeic accounts made no distinction between man and Nature, or between convention and Nature. Charvet, J. Nor do I have the space to examine Rousseau's entire oeuvre -- most of which would be relevant to the task in hand.

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There is more to same-sex marriage than politics.

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