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Mr Gay World is an annual international competition for gay men. One would have hoped for a spectacle to rival other pageants, but alas, it was generally drawn out affair. The very nature of the pageant makes it a gladiatorial competition where everyone is hoping to win but Mandhana has a very sobering attitude to it all. Rohini ensured that the Contestants were relaxed all through the Grand Finale and entertained the packed audience with her wit and charm. The hotel was well appointed and handled the events held there professionally. Botswana and Namibia, represented by Oratile Victor Phofedi and Rivelino Reinecke respectively, are the only other African countries that will be participating in the annual event. Of course as with everything in the world today, physical beauty is a criteria but it is relatively free from pandering to the gender binary.

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Having seen how not to do a contest on that scale, Merriman and Aasheim went home to Europe with ideas to create their own international competition.

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The contest was initially set to be hosted in Hong Kong, but was stopped by strict socialist Chinese authorities as they believed the gay community was taboo. It is these opening up of communication processes around the globe that can be life changing and saving. CS1 maint: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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The new music video for "Can't Go Back," directed by Kojey Radical and longtime creative partner Charlie Di Placidopairs the song's funk and soul-influences with alluring dances performed in an empty warehouse.

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