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We started noticing that she was hanging around girls that were gay like long before she even mentioned it. I know exactly how it is. I jumped in the back of the car with PJ. She has her new eye, which moves with the other eye, looks really good. My wife was in the store across the street. And good luck with the film.

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So, Quest, you worked with Price, who we just heard doing the rap on that.

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A Filmmaker's 'Quest' For A Quiet Family Portrait Is Pierced By Unforeseen Trauma

We kind of did start becoming overprotective, but she kind of put a stop to that herself. We explored the Minster — ably led by one of our group. She was about a block and a half away. You could have lost her. So while the documentary is being made, your daughter Patricia, PJ, is shot in the eye in the afternoon in the neighborhood.

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We ended the visit with prayer and reflection in the Zouche chapel. And once I showed him, it's like he instantly jumped into action. You know, that empowered me, you know, to see that, you know, and to talk to her about it. We used our meeting to look at a range of prayer styles. Let's get back to my interview with Christopher Rainey, who's known as Quest, and Jonathan Olshefski, who directed the new documentary film "Quest" about Quest and his family. No matter what you believe, I'm over that. And so I'd be climbing up on the furniture trying to get different angles.

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