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In the summer ofthe ire of 16 year old girls was raised when multiple spoilers were clandestinely placed into several prominent LiveJournal communities. That's her thanks, I guess, for the billions of jewgold Americans have spent on her works. Anyway, it's typical fantasy Mary Sue fare, with magicdragonselvesand good triumphing over evil. Avant Garde Theatre, — Renamed Sorcerer's Stone in the U. Here sexual anxiety is played out on multiple vectors, the most obvious of which is the way that the play pathologizes the homoerotic in much the same way as it pathologizes the avant-garde.

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That scene is contrasted with the climatic scene of Act Two, when Strang is completely naked.

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This is what your mom did after she confiscated your Nimbus Hermione Granger enjoys a cold tasty butterbeer after vanquishing evil. Dumbledore appoints an old werewolf as a teacher, but he doesn't go crazy and kill any students. There are several conclusions to be drawn here. Such fears incite a demand for highbrow and avant-garde cultural arbiters of taste and aesthetics to police the boundaries of cultural hierarchies. Ironically, all female characters of the Harry Potter series are, indeed, sluts.

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Laing and that the play ultimately espouses this critique. And, even admitting the per- sistence of avant-garde movements into the present moment, the material circumstances surrounding these most recent productions of the play further obliterate most traces of a culturally and politically disruptive rep- resentational effect. It also positions Radcliffe for his post-Potter career, not only giving him the aura of legitimacy associated with a contained avant-garde, but also show- casing his sex appeal, a sex appeal that, to be valuable in the heteronorma- tive film market, must be expressed in explicitly heteronormative terms. Viewed this way, this production of Equus can easily be seen as simply another cog in the advance press for both culture-industry events. This also means Chris Hansen failed at stopping Dumbledore from violating generations of children as he was the headmaster of a fairy school In the Book and the movie they claim these magical jelly beans can have every flavor possible like ear wax, vomit and boogers. There was also a petition in which the signatories, completely divorced from any sense of perspectivedemanded that J.

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