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Barry and Wally both spent themselves and crumpled into a heap. Ken and I would stay in the barn and get the berries ready to transport. He had another old man helping him. But in a short time I began to enjoy it and relaxed. He was already being friendly with the man sitting next to him. In the middle of the night I woke up and pulled the blankets down to our thighes. At the edge of the property was a river that was big enough to fish in and play in.

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When I was just out of high school my friends and I decided to take a trip to Montreal Canada.

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Ken held it out in his hand, offering it to me. It was as if I were starving and this was the first bit of food to come along in days. Teen first time with 26yr guy in swimming pool changing room. I was in a trance and she brought me out of it.

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Before pulling them away he slowly slid them down my cheeks then around my neck.

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