Castration and transsexuals

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Meltzer Dr. The aim of our study was to examine the influence of exposure to high levels of cross-sex hormones on brain structures in adulthood. Can no longer have testicular pain Intracranial, whole brain, gray and white matter of the cerebrum, hypothalamus, and lateral and third ventricle volume changes in the transsexuals were compared with brain volume changes in nine male and six female healthy comparison subjects over a 1-year interval. Moreover, it is also unlikely that level of education or scan interval influenced the results.

castration and transsexuals
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It is well established in mammals that differences in male and female brain structures can be reversed by sex hormones, even in adulthood 1.

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The authors thank the coordinator of the gender team J Megens at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam for his support with patient recruitment and Dr E Fliers for comments on an earlier version of the manuscript. If you are getting both removed then an incision will be made on both sides. However, if you aren't close to affording SRS then you can save on medication costs.

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If an orchiectomy is done improperly then there is the chance of scar tissue.

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