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It is detailed but I need help please Sir. At the begining of any death investigation the investigators are not going to give the media any information that could harm their case. What was the motive of the wife. He takes the father into his ego and his ego will carry this residue as part of it; by identification with the father, he finally achieves the critical development of his psyche. For these methods, samples must be obtained from the skin surfaces of a victim at the scene. Young victims sometime act impulsively and may not leave signs that they plan to committ sucide.

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How do you know for a fact he was not killed in the car.

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Some bullet coatings may also contain nickel. I'm not sure what the process was back then, but I believe that a child with polio forty years ago was known about. A toxicology was being performed and the Medical Examiner's office and the detective in charge of the case was certain that when the toxicology came back it would prove their "opinion" of suicide as a manner of death. All interviews that I conduct are in a controlled environment. My question is why was she burned so much worse then him? False negatives result from washing of the hands when this area is sampled or by victim wearing gloves.

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When I had cases that were this sensitive and I could have had enough evidence to arrest someone I would tell family only that the case was going well and progress is being made. My question is should the Fire Marshall have noticed this and taken that into consideration when determining the cause of the fire? Retrieved from " https: The justice system is strange and unpredictable. Remember me on this computer.

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