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Thanks anyway but I will go with the APA and their knowledge over you and your petty and extremely false representations of the comments of others. The government, to the Democrats, is nothing more than a bottomless well of welfare benefits or freebies as they are called. And now you're whining that the rest of us would enjoy seeing a video of you trying to chase out someone you erroneously think is a man? We have been over this and you are consistently wrong. How is my comment on the subject of epistemology a personal attack?

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A transgendered person knows that they have a physical gender that is incongruent with their psychological sense of self.

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I have no problems with gay, lesbian, bi, or even queer. Oh, and if you have a desire to actually read the list, you will see a plethora of names that should make you sick to think they were ever accepted into the military. A trans woman is a male homosexual. Would the selected rare gene variants show up among the participants, and if so, would that trend persist in a much larger group? Another aspect is that on Thursday the DoJ refused to provide the courts with the names of the "experts" they claimed supported their anti-trans policy. They are people and not "things". I'd go further than that and observe that DNA only really determines genetic sex karyotype and very little else since it's prenatal hormones which directly impact all the sex-related fetal development phases, of which there are several and all of them are susceptible to environmental influences.

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Inspired by his bayonet training, killed one victim—a fellow soldier—with a bayonet as an experiment. They don't want special rights. President Donald Trump on Friday officially authorized the ability of the Pentagon to ban transgender individuals from joining the military, with limited exceptions, following through on a pledge he made last year. You can say whatever you want to say about me. This is just one piece within the movement to roll back time. Killed at least 6 people, possibly up to 7 Began committing lesser crimes while in the service with a fellow airman as an accomplice. Comment removed for CoC violation [ph].

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