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Fan f-ing tastic, Puck thinks. He had his Nana teach him the hexes just in case. The image of those hips high in the air as Puck slides into the skinny boy flushes through Puck's system. Door swings out Bi: Over the last five years, gay and lesbian organizations have worked in at least four main areas: In other words, whether yours is the proverbial three-hinged single door, bi-fold door, or a piece of cloth draped across the opening to hide what's in your closet, there's always one way in and one way out. Blaine comes into the room.

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Kurt, on the other hand, takes convincing.

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the door swings both ways

Here's the thing that creates the most irony Because the singer — and he is far from alone — seems unable to distinguish stereotype that floordrobes are for heterosexuals from reality. Yeah, well, so do you. I've got to go. What goes in must come out. Hazel Fortseca of Colectivo Nosotras, the country's main lesbian organization, fears that in addiion to crimmalizing gay and lesbian activities, the new law will cripple AIDS-education efforts because campaigns that encourage safe sex will likely be construed as promoting homosexuality. He moves to his left and slips out from under Puck's arm.

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Puck rolls his eyes and Kurt lifts his sunglasses to the top of his head. Puck's not gay, he just thinks about Kurt. Vernon [talking about a door]: Even since his step-brother has transferred back from the preppy-douchebag school, Finn has obsessed about Kurt's safety, not that Puck blames him. The relief is instant.

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