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After the signing, some staff came out with bits of carpet, and they said it was the carpet Take That had been standing on. I never get bored with singing along. I first got into them through my older sister — I was six and she was 18 — but it was when they reformed in that I became a superfan. Ryan Pace Head Coach: Show 25 25 50 All. I have to keep going to see him because I keep thinking he may not be playing much longer: So, to avoid missing out again, I did every show that I could:

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I may never see him again, if he decides to stop touring.

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It was inwhen Take That did a signing there. It was also poignant for me; when I first adored Bros, when I was 14 or 15, my mum and dad had just got divorced, and it sounds like a cliche, but music — not just Bros — got me through a really difficult time. But I think my favourite memory is fromwhen I went to the opening night of the musical about her life, On Your Feet! Typical debates involved Mike Ditka versus a hurricane —in this particular debate, the Superfans believed that Ditka could defeat the hurricane, until it was revealed that the name of the hurricane was Hurricane Ditka, at which point Todd O'Connor had a heart attack out of confusion; who would win in a competition for World Domination—"Da Bearss" or "Da Bullss"; Mike Ditka winning the Indianapolis driving the Bears' team bus; or how many points Michael Jordan could score if he played an entire game by himself while lounging in a recliner. That came to university with me, and my housemates would decorate her every Halloween. The sketch drew considerable laughter, but when it came time to stage the show in Los AngelesSmigel cut it, believing audiences there would not understand it. I was amazed she remembered.

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When asked how a team could end up with negative points, Todd replied, "Ditka'll find a way. Kevin Nealon also made a brief appearance as oddsmaker Danny Sheridan in the first sketch—he is promptly sent away by Swerski after giving the Superfans an honest assessment regarding the prospect of Mike Ditka single-handedly defeating the Giants. I knew she would be there, so at the interval, I looked to see what room she would go into. It was inwhen Take That did a signing there. With Ditka's departure from the Bears in and significant cast changes on SNL, the sketch and characters all but disappeared. This featured the second appearance by their idol Mike Ditka he had appeared on an episode of SNL after his firing by the Bears ; although, he was at the time coaching the New Orleans Saintswhich resulted in a schism amongst the Superfans Carl had taken up with the Saints, Bob had moved to Jackson, Tennessee —halfway between Chicago and New Orleans—and Todd believed it was And had a heart attack if told otherwise.

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