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Like the other LA Intelligentsia outposts in Venice and Pasadena, this hipster-approved coffee bar is primarily about sipping, although delish pastries are served, too. Note the strong and delicious margaritas, and the authentic regional Mexican fare: Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments. In fact, this laid-back bar built around a pool table and stash of video games has been around so long that it has come full circle: Sunset Blvd.

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The upstairs bar and its downstairs neighbor, Flying Leap Cafe, are gone the longtime owner retired and couldn't find a buyer interested in keeping the operations going in their previous incarnations.

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Vermont Ave. Boulevard Bar may not be your average gay nightlife destination. What separates Fred 62 from the usual diner ilk, apart from the funky vintage-'60s interior, is the farm-to-table food ethic - chef Fred Eric serves creative takes on both classic and contemporary victuals like huevos rancheros and bagels and lox at breakfast, and addictive mac-and-cheese balls, Thai Cobb salads, falafel sandwiches, pork belly banh mi at other times. When Los Angeles seemed ready to give up on leather as one leather bar after another closed, Faultline kept its doors open and embraced the growing bear community.

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