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The carriage house was occupied by her driver, Michael Cole. If you're a human and see this, please ignore it. A great lover of classical music, he decided to replace the pop tunes in his juke boxes with classical selections. The Human Rights Campaign must learn to actually do something other than issue press releases announcing its positions on various federal judicial nominations. Some were booked and held overnight. Video by Peter Lien. By the time firefighters had the flames under control, the upper story wooden joists had collapsed, crashing down through the lower floors.

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Newbold, left, was planning a city home for himself and his young bride to complement their Jenkintown estate, he would hire architect Frank Miles Daywho had worked with Eyre, to build an immense townhouse on the double lot at Locust Street next to the Leidy residence. Details can be found in PGN here. By the early 20th century, not unlike other small by-ways in the older part of the city east of Broad Street, it had become a bit shabby. The Blue Lantern matchbook cover at the top of this post probably dates from the early s, after the Forrest Theatre opened in on Walnut Street. However, there was a brief, but important, LGBT connection in the early s. For a few years, the building was boarded up and took on a forlorn, abandoned look, below.

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The building on the left, on the northwest corner, was a wonderful Frank Furness designed Library Company building, razed in the late s, a victim of the Great Depression. They were to become one of the most successful club and residential design firms in Philadelphia, designing over projects over a thirty year span. Meet us at the Philadelphia Musem of Art steps at 9: Permits and variances took time to get. They both began as carriage houses, they both spent part of their lives as steakhouses, both owe a lot to Mel Heifetz and, unfortunately, they are both now closed. While it is often said that all good things must come to an end, what is left out is that all great things must evolve. March 24, Quince Street:

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