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Every aspect of the Crouches' look is carefully calculated as an aesthetic accompaniment to their Dominionist theology, which urges Christians to acquire as much wealth, power, and influence as possible in order to put the world's secular institutions under the control of biblical law. OMG -- Baptist Hair!!!! In it, the network called the allegations "salacious" and labeled Ford an ex-convict and longtime drug abuser. Jan and Paul Crouch had disputed their granddaughter's allegations. After a protracted legal battle, an appeals court ruled that the federal ownership rules were unclear and that the network could not be punished.

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The latest scandal involved the granddaughter of TBN's founders, who claimed that TBN co-founder Jan Crouch turned her back when she reported she was sexually abused by a network employee.

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Molestation scandal is latest setback to once-mighty Trinity Broadcasting Network

Inwhen she was 13 years old, Carra Crouch said a year-old Trinity employee sexually assaulted her in an Atlanta hotel room. That same year, the TBN completed work on its station in El Salvador, where Crouch had traveled frequently and associated with officials from the "Treasury Police," which oversaw the country's death-squad operations. Crouch has been a member of the Coalition on Revival, an umbrella group for evangelical Christianity's most militantly anti-gay, Dominionist ministers. This is a TV Movie waiting to happen. Before the Crouches' deaths, the center of Trinity's programming had long been the nightly talk show "Praise the Lord," hosted by the silver-haired Crouch and his flamboyantly coiffed wife. Story from the LA Times here [free registration required,yada yada]. In it, the network called the allegations "salacious" and labeled Ford an ex-convict and longtime drug abuser.

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Quit blocking God's bridges or God's going to shoot you if I don't. Stand-up comedian who broke new ground with his television series The Larry Sanders Show. Jul 8, Posts: Crouch hopes he can weather the storm over his personal life by attempting to discredit the character of his accuser, to whom he has paid hush money, according to the Los Angeles Times. I used to watch it when I was interested in the different branches of Christianity. In June, the arbitrator ruled in Crouch's favor.

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