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Iranians navigate turbulent currency market, uncertain future. Some threw bottles and stones. This one is going to be a hard NOPE for me. But it proved to be a turning point, unleashing a wave of organizing and activism. The fact that the NYPD are driving in rainbow colored police cars in honor of gay pride and the Orlando victims is just??.

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In the s, it was common for the police to raid gay bars, arrest cross-dressers and harass customers, often on the pretext of cracking down on prostitution or other organized crime activities.

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New surge of African migrants arriving at US southern border. LGBT people could be subject to arrest for showing affection, dancing together, even for not wearing a certain number of items deemed gender-appropriate. Members of GOAL see themselves as activists within a police department that has been historically slow to change. Get New York Today in your inbox.

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Rodriguez said while he knows where the protesters are coming from, he disagrees with their tactics.

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