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Can you really, truthfully say that you would not? Thus, they can sometimes be handed down to offspring. Sexual differentiation of the brain is not caused by hormones alone, even though they are very important for gender identity and sexual orientation. Prenatal androgen exposure has been associated with an increased chance of patient-initiated gender reassignment to male after being initially raised as female in early childhood or infancy. Some did not find any statistically significant difference in either the sibling composition or rate of older brothers of gay and straight men, [21] [22] including large, nationally representative studies in the US and Denmark. Fetal gonads develop primarily based on the presence or absence of androgen hormones, mainly testosteronedihydrotestosterone DHT and androstenedione ; production of testosterone and conversion into dihydrotestosterone during weeks 6 to 12 of pregnancy are key factors in the production of a male fetus's penis, scrotum and prostate.

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Since then multiple studies have been conducted on the subject, finding that each older brother increases a male's odds of having a homosexual orientation by 28 to 48 per cent.

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Prenatal hormones and sexual orientation

Sexual behavior and sexual orientation are two different things. And then later, with further male pregnancies, the high levels of antibodies directed toward this substance may change brain development in these later born males," Bogaert said. The team found that mothers of gay sons, especially those with older brothers, had significantly higher antibody levels to both forms of NLGN4Y than did the control samples of women, including mothers of heterosexual sons. How to contact the news team. Or include always-tragic miscarriages etc?? As seen in young children as well as in vervet and rhesus monkeys, sexually differentiated behavior in toy preference is differing in males versus females, where females prefer dolls and males prefer toy balls and cars; these preferences can be seen as early as 3—8 months in humans.

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What is your source for this please? Your email only if you want to be contacted back. The authors of this letter have no objections to same-sex parenting per se. Julie Bindel, journalist, author, and feminist campaigner Gary Powell, political activist and educator. By legitimising this practice, the LGBT community risks delegitimising the moral standing that has been a basis for all the historical advances achieved by gay and lesbian activists and our allies. The source article has all of the right sources, if you care to read up on them.

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