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I guess I have served my purpose in life but still have many regrets. Of course there are a lot of powerful forces like ageism keeping most gay couples in generational parity more on that later. If you'd like to discuss your relationship and how you've dealt with any prejudice, I'd love to hear more. In serious situations, communication is crucial! He deserves to have his own fun and time. I am 21 and I am currently dating a guy 36 years older than me. In the past, especially with women being treated as property, incubators, domestic servants, and needing males to represent them in public life, it was somewhat socially acceptable for certain men to marry women much younger than them.

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Pros & Cons of Intergenerational Relationships

Understand that if you want to have more children and grow old with someone, you're not as likely to do it with a lover multiple decades older as you would with one your own age. It may also be good for the younger man to learn from the older, share life experiences, etc. If it turns into a relationship, then that is even better. There is a bond created between two men of age difference. Keep up the flattery and goosd luck woth wooing this hot guy. I did end up falling in love with this young woman in spite of myself. It is exceedingly hard for hetero men to be sexually turned on by a woman's sense of humor, kindness or world experience.

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The reason I like to point out these crucial years is to highlight how major this age difference would be considered along the way. A lot of it, I believe, is my midlife crisis. We started chatting and sent some pics of each other. Mine is a somewhat odd story in that I married young and only learned later that I was bisexual when I fell for a lovely young man. Jon May 27, at 1: I love being able to share with Joe my life experiences and in return, I see the world through his eyes.

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