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The boy woke a few hours later and found himself strapped naked to the cement slab where he found himself now, waking from a well deserved sleep. The rod was shoved in between the boy's legs and again, the button was pressed. Even so, the boy was thankful his ability to get hard was temporarily ended. Getting hard would have been way too painful with the new scar on his penis. The kidnapper had apparently dropped him in the park. It was filthy. His could hear his heart pounding in his ears as pain gave way to agony.

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He couldn't remember a lot but he recalled watching his brother hit the floor.

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He wondered how far he could go without killing this boy from the shock of the pain he was about to endure. The boy awoke from a fitful sleep. He felt that he hadn't washed in weeks, but he knew he had.

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Cuts, gashes and scrapes decorated his back, bum and legs.

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