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There would be demands for every prominent and obscure Christian pastor to condemn this brutal act. There are those who believe that the fight for gay rights, or indeed human rights in general, stops at the borders of Islam. Appointments are available by phoning HIV counselling and testing is provided — the results are available in person on the next i. The US State Department just announced a policy that will force same-sex staffers at the United Nations and other NGOs in the United States to either legally marry their partners or lose residency visas for them. There are no other clinics running at the same time. Like Isis, he also thinks churches should be destroyed Douglas Murray.

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If I wanted real love in my life and a partner I could be proud of in public, the State Department was out.

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Of Boyfriends and Borders

But otherwise gay news sites are reduced to tentatively wondering if Transgender rights are the same as gay rights the jury is out and otherwise running mainstream politics stories which strangely favour the Lib Dems while expressing an inherited hostility towards the Tories and Ukip. Of course not very far away there are people who take a quite different view of these matters. There are no other clinics running at the same time. Some of them were gay men like me. Douglas Murray 3 February 1: My husband Lenny and I used to meet them at The Monster in Greenwich Village, have a couple drinks, sit around the piano, and maybe stroll the neighborhood for a while. David Pressman, former U.

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Lovely couple from Central America. Lesbian and gay UN staffers now face a stark choice —either risk criminal sanctions at home where same-sex marriage is illegal, or be separated from their loved ones. Does the battle for gay rights not extend to Islam? Their absence suggests to me that agreement has broadly been reached that religious sensitivities trump human rights, as long as the sensitivities in question are Islamic. As for encouraging grass-roots responses on the ground which is where everybody of course hopes it will come fromfor the forseeable future is it hard to see the opportunities for a decent LGBT society to flourish in Isis-held territory.

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