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Simon added that he definitely secured his place in the finals on that. Stranger things have happened. You're doing more music correct? Do you work out a lot? Please do not post letters to the editor here. We are so beautiful in our own right with all of our differences and flaws; race, religion, sexual orientation; I think that movement is starting.

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It has been a long time in the works.

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David Hernandez-"Just Because You're Gay Doesn't Mean Your Can't Be A Pop Star"

How they revolutionized my whole frame of thinking as an artist. Victory Gardens Theater, N. Was it hard for you to move forward all these years later? Three or four people on my season had been signed and one of them had already been on a reality show before that. It kind of sucked because nowadays, the kids that have just been thrown off are able to use that media to help them and get hundred of thousands of followers. The song, about falling in lust with a guy in a club, might have been too harsh for mainstream radio with its f-bomb expletive to get any play, but it's definitely a club thumper. That's really why I did it.

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David was chosen for one of the lead roles, and decided on a career singing and performing. He already had a Universal Records deal, and he really frowned upon being a part of that path to fame. I don't have any regrets, stripping, we all do crazy things when we are young. But still, the media was relentless. The album has been in the works for about three years now. What was the coming out process like for you on such a public forum? You have to see some of these outfits.

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