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They're both straight and good guys and the conversation was just so matter of fact, which made it so hot. Fat, sweaty gay men. I expected to see some hard core locker room hookups there, but nothing. He's there every Saturday mid-afternoon. It's not a fun experience.

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You can always meet other guys and hookup outside of the gym, too!

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Do you think that gym management are aware of the sexual activity that goes on in their gyms?

Lord knows except in Los Angeles. Regardless, we need to heed the warning. YMCAs are listed on cruising-for-sex websites, the subject of Craigslist postings, etc. Sometimes it leads to sucking. R doesn't limiting towels to stop sexual activity seem counterintuitive? I guess maybe it was a response to some complaints at some locations. They might as well be whistling innocently.

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I belong to two one. Bad move since that's why most members go there. I may not be a bronze god What's the definitive list of cruisiest NYSCs, and what time do you need to go to see some action? With a big glass window so everyone can see in. I work out at home, so have only been to the gym once in my entire life guest of a friend.