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Viewers had had their eyes on the show right from the start as well, as in the pilot episode Cayne's voice was digitally lowered an octave. Find out about booking film programmes internationally. Word of God explained that Cayne is so convincing as a woman that they were afraid the audience wouldn't get that the character used to be a man. Future learning and skills — giving everyone the opportunity to build a lifelong relationship with film. Three Rivers Press. However, the producers were so impressed by Rob James-Collier's acting that they decided to keep his character for the rest of the series.

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Within two years, he was confined to a bed and Obergefell took on the role of caretaker.

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How audacious. Supreme Court — and the court ruled in favor of gay rights for the first time, making it a major landmark case in LGBTQ history. Zig-zagged in Star Trek: Person of Interest:

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Chess Piece deconstructs this:

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