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Trent also said that he'd been having sex with other boys since his sophomore year and had grown to like it a lot. Then one day after 20 years told me I turned him gay and he wished we had never met. Read more stories by just signing up or Download the App to read the latest stories Sign up Already a member? I am married and love my wife but our sex life is nonexistent. I am straight and have a guy friend with benefits Submitted by Str8 Bottom on December 20, - 8: I let everyone be who they want to be. I wasn't a sex fiend but ever guy I had sex with from 17 to 24 I am still friends with, are married and would probably do it with me today if I asked.

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Married men Submitted by Richard on February 25, - 2:

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You are too sweet for words and to give yourself to a man of such low moral character is heartbreaking to even me-a total stranger. Remember Me. The fact that I watched tells you something. Is the feeling different from sex with women.

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It's easier just to have encounters with me, a person who doesn't demand "commitment" or time and attention that he doesn't have.

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