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The boy closed his eyes and smiled. Also, I make a few blonde jokes but please don't get mad if you're blonde because I'm blonde myself and I have nothing against blondes. I'll just have to figure something out. I put more detail in it of course. Releasing you would mean I lost.

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Those eyes that were always so serious and strict were burning with lust.

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He didn't want to lose but he didn't want Roy to stop either. Ed glanced up, that line bringing forth memories of his mother. If he had to lose in order to feel Mustang, then he would admit defeat a million times. Is subject hetero, homo, or bi-sexual? Your review has been posted. He secretly carried a love for Roy that he knew no one else would understand.

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Mustang lowered his head and sank his teeth into the arch of Edward's neck, causing the blonde to moan. A kiss to seal the deal. Mustang's lips were so warm and welcoming. The house was freezing and Roy was warm. Edward liked being held, and he didn't have any more bad dreams, but it still didn't fill the void left by Alphonse. Edward's intentions were apparent when he took the raven-haired alchemist's erection within his eager mouth. That small contact awakened something inside him.

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