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I say the owner of Man's Country is putting it out there as free pub for his nasty, seedy joint. Gay becomes a proxy for effeminacy so that Republicans, in their antediluvian view of the world, can present themselves as tough he-men, Democrats as weak girls. Note the original has better formatting. It's not insulting, R64, it's just false. Chicago has "safe passage" maps for kids to walk to school. Hendrix, Steve October 22,

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In his book, co-authored with Bruce Reed, The Plan:

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I'm very far under the desk, and I'm bringing my paper and my phone. Have them all stored in a bank safe along with Obama's birth certificate from Nairobi. Because of questions over his eligibility to run for mayor, Emanuel's candidacy was initially rejected by the Illinois First District Appellate Courtthough he was later found eligible to run in a unanimous decision by the Supreme Court of Illinois. Retrieved October 16, But the persistent charges of his unmanliness—as if all gay men are unmanly and all women fainthearted—are part of a skein of Republican accusations and innuendoes against Democrats that goes back decades.

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That's certainly the case with Rahm Emanuel. Mayors of cities with populations exceedingin Illinois. Why has it resurfaced now? Representative Makes Instant Impact". Oh yeah, Obama's home town. I have the certified statements of ten twinks.

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