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On one hand, it is a fantastic platform for networking and gives artists like me an amazing opportunity or so it seems. LOL…the place is a fucking joke for losers. Is this tragedy true? Stop posting the seizure inducing images and pictures that obviously break the page layout, learn how to resize the photos. According to an Internet report, it was removed some time ago, after News Corporation bought MySpace. Granted not everyone is a web designer and you do get points for customization but…. Any longer and I would have become yet another mindless MySpace vegetable.

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Because the MySpace mental fucktards will only try and discredit my observations.

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Gay Myspace Layouts

For one thing, I am fanatical about responding to fan mail. WTF, why not give us more. That's a bug that should be fixed later tonight Ah, this made my night. You people are crazier than I am.

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I fucking hate that shit! I want to know who the hell are the people writing those fucking things? Tonight I deleted that shit. Some things have to do with the design of the site while others have to do with its users and the asinine things they do on here. Check out the web site link to see what it is. I contacted myspace once more. For one thing, I am fanatical about responding to fan mail.

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