Lesbian and gay and firefighters

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Just listen to the things that come out of people's mouths, probably your own and mine from time to time. In struggles about diversity, symbols matter. Sponsored Content is made possible by our sponsor; it does not necessarily reflect the views of our editorial staff. Almost everyone there has been in the department less than five years. The firefighters, who have their own paramilitary culture, would obey the ordinance but not embrace it. Good luck, Rainbows, and be strong!

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Come out to those you work closest with, which is what one firefighter I worked with did.

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Advice for LGBT Firefighters

Send your letters to: In struggles about diversity, symbols matter. Let Nozzlehead hear all about it. And, as mentioned above, the talk may continue. But other firefighters were appalled, said a lesbian firefighter.

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Remember, you may risk losing friends and colleagues, but you'll likely be better off than you were before. The cultures of the police and fire departments differ in San Francisco. Your situation is no different. Treat others the way you want and want your own kids or loved ones to be treated. Happy needs to be proud of who he is. Today there are 1, firefighters in uniform, but only one is openly gay: The article points out that while coming out to friends and family is challenging enough, coming out at work is even more difficult, because you risk losing your job.

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