How did you tell your parents you were transgender

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It may be that, thanks to people like them, trans folks coming out to their parents now will have, on average, an easier time. Fear that you will make changes now that you will regret when you are older. So the only question is whether your parents would react better to one or the other approach, and that depends on their personalities. I tried to get her interested in lacrosse, because girls who play lacrosse are strong and athletic. But self-acceptance is the first step towards living your life authentically. I still believe that one should be prepared for the worst.

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Attending the Clare Project for sessions with a gender-specialist counsellor, I saw firsthand how the internalisation of these prejudices affected people - people transitioning in their fifties or sixties because they'd felt too afraid to do so in their youth, in floods of tears because their wives might become estranged, their children or grandchildren might disown them, or their elderly parents might die without accepting them.

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My Child Is Transgender: This Is How I Know

I'm fortunate enough to be able to negotiate a new 'normality' with my parents: If there were only one bit of advice I could give to someone trans, it would be to not let transitioning stop you from achieving your dreams. August 19, at Is this what transgender people want? February 20, at 1:

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I have close friends whose parents did all of these things. Yeah, it can be a difficult and frustrating journey but everything is hard before it gets easy. Toward the end of first grade, she and her father began fighting over haircuts. I continually pointed out strong women, like Hillary Clinton and Lady Gaga. Did she want to be a boy so badly that she was looking forward to death and a do-over? I wish you luck. Do you want to let people know at school?

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