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And it helps that it has some pretty major acting talent. This account has been deactivated. Written by Craig Lucas and directed by Norman Rene, it features several moving moments, including a goose bump—inducing final scene, and excellent performances from a cast that includes Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner Bruce Davison, along with Campbell Scott and Mary-Louise Parker. Jeffrey Dating can be difficult regardless of your HIV status. A gay man is responsible for winning World War II! Meet other Global Citizens who care about the same issues you do.

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Extreme poverty ends with you.

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These Are the 8 Best Movies to Watch About HIV/AIDS

Whoopi Goldberg plays a snarky lesbian, Drew Barrymore, a problem child, and Parker is a bit of a wilted flower looking for love and her voice. An Early Frost Angels in America Hollywood is notorious for its misrepresentation and exaggeration of people and situations. HIV has never been an easy topic to display on the big screen. Dallas Buyers Club

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That's how I want to be remembered. Dating can be difficult regardless of your HIV status. This release is based on the true story of Ron Woodroof, a hard-drinking and drugging rodeo cowboy who tests positive for HIV and must battle the specter of death, a scientific community dragging its feet, and his redneck buddies who, like him, are homophobic. Their casting, subject matter, and most importantly, their inherent entertainment value make them worth a repeat viewing. Yet, it still gave the disease the appropriate weight. Despite having no scientific training, these activists infiltrated the pharmaceutical industry to assist in the creation of drugs that would help treat symptoms. Faced with their own mortality an improbable group of young people, many of them HIV-positive young men, broke the mold by taking on Washington and the medical establishment.

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