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Most likely hostels are empty after 11am, since most people head out for the day. Around midnight I was already passed out in my bed upper bunk and got woken up by the bed shaking. Especially as I virtually always travel solo. At 1am, the ladder groans as I climb out of bed trying not to wake anyone; fishing the room key from my jeans, I go in search of a power socket, and end up in the lobby in my pyjamas. Even in less expensive destinations, gay oriented establishments roughly cost the same as fancier luxury hotels. Learn More. January 8, at 4:

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One time I was in a hostel in Cairns and I met a gorgeous Norwegian who took me back to her room after a night out.

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I recommend only products and companies I use and the income goes to keeping the site community supported and ad free. March 1, at 6: I dragged my lovelorn carcass to a crumbling but majestic palace converted into a hostel, perched right by the main canal. I felt bad the next day… for about a minute.

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I envisioned a dingy apartment where creepy, lonely old men and twinky gayboys would congregate to commit to the ancient relationship of houseboy and sugar daddy.

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