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He was definitely in need of some relief, but what was his friend proposing? Greg did not answer, but simply reached into his own underwear and started stroking his hard-on. He started flipping through one of them, becoming slightly aroused. Matt lived in a room with one other guy, but he was not in at the time. It all seemed so strange to him, but the bulge in his pants was taking over his mind.

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He had curly, black hair.

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There were two beds, two desks, two closets, a TV and a small refrigerator. In the meantime, the younger boy looked around the room. Likewise, the thick vein that ran the length of the underside of his prick caused it to flinch with blood flow. Take a look for yourself. Part 1 As me and my twin were showering after football practice. The 18 year old boy was feeling confused.

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He told Greg to sit on his bed, and he pulled up a chair for himself. In this, he could relate to Greg. Allow us to process your personal data? Knowing that his new friend was so interested in him turned Greg on more than the video. Taking the cue, Greg stood up and unbuckled his belt.

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