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However, I believe that remaking blockbuster films is not a wise way to emphasise feminism, because a. Paramount Pictures. That helps serve a female empowerment message, but not the plot. The purpose of having an all-female cast is to break away from gender stereotypes which they do but then they fall into a deeper problem. If they really wanted to make the impact they are intending then they should make an original film with females and males both cast as lead roles without the female being a love interest.

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Acting as women for the enjoyment of the viewers instead of conforming to male roles would enable women to make there own splash in the market instead of just trying to be like men.

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Eighties comedies routinely built bits around men harassing, stalking and sexually humiliating women. Thus, these try-hard films are trying to do something they will never hear good news from again. These stories acknowledge that women have problems that originate within and between themselves, not just in their relationships with men. She grows up on an all female island, so men are not apparent for the first portion of the movie.

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As Hess describes, the movie was directed by a woman and the film focused on the problems women have with each other, and facing problems head on, instead of using older films primarily played by men to be played by these women.

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