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Please review our privacy policy. Kam claims that homosexual individuals in East Asian cultures describe feelings of guilt and even panic at the thought of bringing shame to their parents and family and failing to continue the family line. University of California Press. Consequently, developing an internalized homophobia scale that is specifically oriented toward Chinese communities and culture is urgently needed. Many respondents did not have their first sexual experiences with men until early adulthood, or even early middle-age.

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This is understandable because people will become more experienced, mature, and accountable in coping with life and work-related stress as they grow older.

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On the other hand, other respondents found themselves pushing straight friends to a comfortable distance, expanding their zone of comfort by expanding their contact with other gay men. This might be due to the deep-rooted influence of some traditional morals and religious beliefs that overemphasize the marriage, fertility, and filial piety. After an introduction about the present study by the community leaders to the gay men in the LGBT centers, the recruiters gave the men a brief introduction about themselves and the study and asked whether the men were willing to participate. However, in mainland China, tongzhi is used both in the context of the traditional "comrade" sense e.

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But rationally speaking, it should be consensus that everyone should respect other people's sexual orientations.

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