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Is this a recent phenomenon or has it been alive and produced over many years? I've now looked through several different offerings by a variety of artists and writers. Safe sex couldn't get much hotter! Yes - twice now in fact! Subscribe to The Bilerico Project. Phil Reese November 4, 5: Justin also does comics based on interviews with porn stars as well as delicious gay pirate filth.

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If everything goes as planned, I am confident I can get all of our books and rewards out to everyone by the end of December !

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I've now looked through several different offerings by a variety of artists and writers. Support Select this reward. A swordsman, a demon, and a thief seek to stop the powerful monster sorcerer who cursed them and encounter erotic, dangerous monsters along the way. These two things may be related! Volume 2 follows our djinni mercenaries going on a monster-hunting errand for a king, while finding romance with his most powerful knight!

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I might have to do some research there. Ace of Beasts Vol. I decided not to ask its owner if he read it while masturbating but I am inclined to think that many folks use these comics as sexual spurs. This colorfully flamboyant webcomic is pure campy queer horror about charming gay monsters and their contemporary queer situation. Two books, one campaign! Be immersed in the sexy world of Ace of Beasts from the very beginning! Love Cove Kinver and Dover find a secret beach for sexy times - and they find much more there than they anticipated!

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