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For me, the difference is in quality mainly. Just wondering, I want to answer well. I had the misfortune of trying some Epica, followed by some Dragonforce and I was digusted They were really quite good. Indie means a means of expression not known by the majority. My discussion here being bands that are gay.

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I agree, anyone who considers themself a metal fan based on guitar hero tracks is pathetic. I believe he can't play the song in GH 3 and that is nothing special. Should we prevent happy people from using the word next, because in the view of your pompous holiness, the word is used to describe only 'certain people. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Although Manowar come close there too, they're both gay and homosexual.

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There obviously is the melodic Euro power metal but Iced Earth sound like they could be power metal too. Bit obvious, I would be annoyed too. I Pity The Fool wrote: I'm quite a large fan of their music, although I find the lyrics can sometimes seem repetitive. Maybe that's the real reason the questions bug them so much? Although Manowar come close there too, they're both gay and homosexual. From the subjective test of asking my friends pre- and post-Guitar Hero, the band fit the "indie" label, at least in America perhaps they were more mainstream in England where they're from.

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