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Such is the nature of the gay bathhouse. They also rely on client reviews, word-of-mouth advertising, and people seeking them out. Neither rejections nor approvals are to be taken personally. The objective is to go unnoticed—except to its clientele. Unless otherwise encouraged, there is no need to engage in conversation since the nature of a gay bathhouse is one of anonymity. And some establishments have live shows, featuring everything from drag queens to male strippers to live sex shows. Encounters can be very brief or endure for extended periods, depending on mutual interest.

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They also rely on client reviews, word-of-mouth advertising, and people seeking them out.

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He is a sex worker and should be treated as such. A client who engages a particular service should obtain at least the contracted-for service. And it is not uncommon for patrons to exchange on-site reviews of particular rentboys. Passing each other in narrow, dimly lit hallways, they oftentimes touch each other, intentionally or otherwise. They also rely on client reviews, word-of-mouth advertising, and people seeking them out. There is personal preference—even in orgies. Each cubicle is equipped with a door that can be locked or latched from the inside; a twin-sized, vinyl-upholstered so that it can be wiped cleaned cushioned bench that doubles as a bed; a waste basket; wall-mounted dispensers of industrial-grade paper towels and toilet tissue; and a spray-bottle containing some fresh-smelling deodorizing sanitizer.

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Some events have designated changing areas; but at less established events, a gentleman may have to doff his street clothes and don his fetish gear in the reception area as other attendees enter and exit. The sex workers actively compete for clients. Unlike food, drink, cigarettes, and professional massages, for example, charges for which are kept on a running tab and paid with cash or credit card prior to departing the facility, rentboys are paid directly, in-hand, in cash—after services have been rendered. But even within the context of group sex, there is still room for rejections and approvals, most of which occur with only body language. And the signals are generally obvious to anyone with a normal capacity for body language and an understanding of personal space. Stalking a man, or following him against his will, no matter how attractive he may be, is a definite no-no.

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