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Relative contraindications — in which the benefits of HRT may outweigh the risks, but caution should be used — include:. Conclusion The pattern observed is comparable to changes reported overseas. Breastnippleand areolar development varies considerably depending on genetics, body composition, age of HRT initiation, and many other factors. Health care and medicine. Treating a transgender patient: The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. LGBT portal Transgender portal.

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Thus, when a transgender woman opts to have breast augmentation, the implants used tend to be larger than those used by cisgender women.

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Recent findings The psychological risks and outcomes of TGN adolescents are being more widely recognized. All people attending for hormone therapy to modify their biological sex, or help support their awareness of self in a cross gender identity, were included. These numbers represent a small component of a general endocrine new patient clinic case numbers in Wellington. Sexual differentiation of human behavior: Primary care considerations for the TGN adolescent As a primary care provider, it is important to use verbal and body language that demonstrates acceptance and openness to all patients, but especially to those who are TGN. For vaginal intercourse where there is a risk of pregnancy, use a latex or polyurethane condom and also another effective method of contraception, such as birth control pills or Depo-Provera. Center of Excellence for Transgender Health.

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Journal of Counseling Psychology. A variety of different sex-hormonal medications are used in feminizing hormone therapy for transgender women. Also available in [ PDF ] format. As you decide which, if any, steps to take, it can help to talk about these feelings with others, such as a mental health professional who is competent with gender identity issues, friends and family members you trust, and other transgender people. One pediatrician believes that male-to-female girls should be housed in female units because they are safer there.

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