Transsexuals who lactate

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Jesus has saved me, and calls me Beloved: I would love to organize a research study to investigate this at some point in the future. During the first three months of pregnancy the milk ducts increase in number and size; the ducts starting to branch off into smaller canals near the chest wall called ductules. But it would probably be better for everyone if we simply dropped the adjectives from woman I am excited to see the possibility take form!

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Transition Guide for TS Females

Featured January 8th, 0. It's also not something I'm used to even knowing about, so yes, I'm weirded out by this. Vowmart 7 February at Expressing both breasts simultaneously by double-pumping obviously saves a lot of time every day by this point! Information about using and obtaining the proper hormone therapies can be so difficult to come by.

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Milk Production in a Maternal Mother Lactogenesis In a human mother lactogenesis, or the onset of copious milk secretion, also referred to as the time when the milk "comes in" starts about hours after child birth and is largely complete within five days. Anonymous 7 February at The dosage of Ovestin and Motilium should be increased again to 3 tablets three days before attempted lactogensis. Both require some degree of hormonal stimulation, but it's a case of for how long, and also how well the breasts respond to the hormonal stimulation. I was rather scared at first; I thought the puddle was from me drooling. Info 6 January at In a transsexual woman, ceasing an additional high estrogen and progesterone dosage that's been taken for several months will have the same affect if the hormones have worked.

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