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Retrieved 22 March Adoption of children by LGBT people is an issue of active debate. The primary benefit of marriage for children may not be that it tends to present them with improved parents more stable, financially affluent, etc. Retrieved 14 February Zato, gospodine, katekizam u ruke! Retrieved 5 February Gerald Nudlehauser on March 14, at 7:

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First, the participants were aware that the purpose was to investigate same-sex parenting and may have biased their responses in order to produce the desired result.

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Study the Studies- What We Know About Same-Sex Parenting

Dr sullens concludes emotional problems higher in children with same sex parents due to one parent not being biological parent. A variety of studies have shown that gay and lesbian couples raise children who have the same social and mental abilities as children raised by a straight couple. Sexuality Research and Social Policy. Given that constitutions and statutes usually do not address the adoption rights of LGBT persons, judicial decisions often determine whether they can serve as parents either individually or as couples. The common sense, deep-seated protection of children is homophobic, apparently. The New York Times. Very nicely summarized, Thank you Katy!

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The number of same-sex couples who have adopted children has more than tripled, from 6, couples in to 22, in Functionally, opposite-sex marriage is a social practice that, as much as possible, ensures to children the joint care of both biological parents, with the attendant benefits that brings; same-sex marriage ensures the opposite. Unmarried couples of any sex and couples in a civil union can now jointly adopt children, under a New Zealand High Court ruling in December It is for all who follow the ways of Jesus imperfectly until his return! Sir, did you read the article, and check the charts?

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