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Gettin' On Resilience, positivity and the a The Philadelphia Gay News. My story pitches were always taken seriously, and even when a pitch wasn't taken I was encouraged to rework it usually with a more local, more LGBT angle. Cons As I said, it's a small staff, so sometimes when I was in the office and one person was in a horrible mood, it brought down the morale of the whole office. Get a free employer account to respond to reviews, see who is viewing your profile, and engage with your candidates. Panic at D.

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National Road to Stonewall:

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In the years before Stonewall, jill johnston — always lowercase — was a phenomenon. Pros I worked as a columnist and writer for the PGN for 15 years and I still do some work for them now and then. Connect with our community. While I was never on the full-time staff I know a lot of the staffers past and present very well, and overall PGN was and is a great place to work as a writer.

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Body U Injury management and prevention.

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