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Luiz Carlos de Abreu, Email: The relationship between users and health services is considered essential to strengthen the quality of care. Males 19 28 Support Center Support Center. Seaver, Freund, Wright, Tija and Frayne. Applying Reading the Mind in the Eyes test and the Empathy Quotient, no significant difference between groups was identified.

Connection with consumption of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, suicide attempts and depression tendency, arise with high frequency in the LGBT [ 3 — 5 ] population, as well as problems related to sexual and reproductive health.

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Iranian Journal of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Despite similarities of the male homosexual with the female heterosexual and their differences from the male homosexual in some cognitive domains including spatial ability, our results show that these resemblances and differences may not extend well beyond executive function to social emotional faculties like empathy or theory of mind. Acknowledgements The first author appreciates the valuable comments of Dr. Criminalization and stigmatization of homosexuality are important barriers to providing access and utilization of services by health professionals [ 23 ]. Therefore, this study aimed to identify the difficulties associated with homosexuality in access and utilization of health services through the bibliographic survey of scientific literature on the matter. LGBT access barriers; ii implications of homosexuality in self-care and health services access; and iii vocational training in health: Current Opinion in Neurobiology.

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Francisco Winter dos Santos Figueiredo, Email: The universality of the right to health requires the proposal of strategies and specific attention, according to the singularities of subjects seeking services. The second category explores the discriminatory attitudes on the part of health professionals, when referring to health care for LGBT clients. Empathy, another domain of social cognition inherently required for social life, comprises of cognitive and emotional elements. Iranian Institute of Cognitive Sciences; The young LGBT population reveals the need for health professionals to provide health care not only in reducing sexual risk by associating, culturally, sexual diseases to the homosexual populationbut also in promoting health in family disputes. Fourteen homosexual males HmM15 heterosexual males HtM and 14 heterosexual females HtF were recruited through social networks, personal contacts and snowball sampling.