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The rugged exterior conceals a mixture of empathy and curiosity. I just wish it hadn't been you. I don't want anyone to feel disrespected by what I said, and I understand that's what's going to happen. Rodhe, the founder of Joakim's Noah's Arc Foundation, was admittedly disappointed, though she rationalized the context. Noah, who idolized Cooke as a benchwarmer early in their AAU days, was picked ninth in the draft. His interests carry the refinement of his European upbringing, yet he also has an edge -- a certain restlessness that sometimes upsets the Kumbaya. But the evolution of his game actually began years ago, when, as Noah tells it, Miller took him aside on the practice court here in the Chicago suburbs and did some dishing of his own -- with blunt truths.

In his first six seasons, Noah, 29, had recorded two double-digit assist games and three triple-doubles; he has six and three, respectively, this season.

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On and off the court, there's no other player like Joakim Noah

My mom's best friend was gay. Stoudemire was picked ninth in the draft while Cooke -- a victim of poor advice, hubris and the loss of his high school eligibility as a senior -- never heard his name called and never played a minute in the NBA. As for how he's doing, his response is always, simply, "Chillin. Do you fall in that camp? Unfortunately, it happens more often than people think.

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In the context of the league and the or so guys who play in it. Noah was contrite on Monday, apologizing profusely for hurling the epithet. Point guards handle and dish the ball, and front-court players post up and convert -- except that Noah's game and imagination can't be constrained by such boundaries. There was an error processing your subscription. That plan was accelerated -- and the Bulls' championship hopes crushed -- when Rose went down just 10 games into his comeback from a torn left ACL with a torn meniscus in his other knee. I just got caught up. It gives you a certain edge, a certain toughness just growing up in the city.