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The city council's website was down on Tuesday in an apparent attack by the "hacktivist" group Anonymous; police have a second video they say exonerates the officers. She hired a plane to fly over the statehouse. Most popular. That last option would follow from the odd path the case took through the courts. We would sell anything that you could remove from an acrylic box with a hook, you know. She runs a Christian pregnancy center which opposes abortion.

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Until recently, the six-week limit was promoted by fringe anti-abortion activists in Ohio, and was considered too severe, even for sympathetic Republican lawmakers.

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So have you ever tried the dirty job of hosting a public radio show? City council site crashes, 2nd video released poll Mike Roe July 097: Democrats offered an amendment to close the loophole as the Republican supermajority pushed through the six-week law ban.

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I was wondering.

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