Gay marriage arguments for and against

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Understanding same-sex marriage recognition in this way has licenced intolerance, and encouraged entirely erroneous analogies with past civil rights injustice such as anti-miscegenation laws. It matters for Judges, too. It is another matter whether the argument is sound. The advantage for same-sex marriage advocacy, is that we are able to take a neutral position on the moral worth of voluntary intimate relationships and, by extension, same-sex marriage; even if you have a problem with same-sex marriage, you couldn't stand in the way of someone's right to have one. According to the opposition, the law project in favour of marriage for same-sex couples is first and foremost ille gitimate. It just seemed fair.

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Whether they can raise them as well or as badly as any heterosexual couple is not relevant here.

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Why the Argument for Same-Sex Marriage is Not Sound

Dreamed up by Tony Abbott and his like for reasons of political expediency? Many marriages between men and women are also not procreative, since one or both of the partners is infertile. But this doesn't mean conservatives don't have a case that deserves to be addressed. In the leftish circles I move in, Michael Kirby is regarded as something of a progressive demigod; if he says something, then the logic must be unassailable. As I said in my "Voice in the Wilderness" piece, the strategic reasons for this are obvious: The kind of respect we show will depend on the kind of love we are distinguishing. It requires a further argument to say why this should be so, but for the moment, the argument as stated does not support the conclusion of the above argument, namely that marriage is to be extended to gay couples.

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It will not be the same. My piece criticised Michael Kirby's argument against a plebiscite: I argued that the concept of legal equality was not, on its own, the basis for state recognition of same-sex marriage. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. This does not imply repudiating their own committed unions, nor where the exigencies of life require it, raising children.

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