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Franklin Marion Gay Finally, there is reason to suppose that Eleanor was only a half-sister of the brothers Gay, the child of a different mother, whose name was, perhaps, Isabella, but I would not want to lean too heavily on that hypothesis, which is really little more than a conjecture. Charles Henry Gay 05 Sep - 21 Sep Gay s managed by John Gay last edited 5 Feb Frederick Thomas Gay 11 Nov England.

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I am also looking for anyone related to Ralph Gay deceased of Jacksonville, Florida.

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I guess you have found some info. Since in cases where the widow was passed over for the executorship it was considered good form to include a representative of her family in the probate process, it is highly likely that Samuel Ramsey was appointed for that reason. His parents, my great-grandparents, were Thomas Jefferson Gay who married Jane Elizabeth, not sure of her maiden name. Ebenezer Gay managed by John Giles. Joane married after Henry Gay died. But who, in the end, can definitively say, for each surname, which are its variants, and which are independent surnames, or variants of other names? Likewise, as DNA testing companies have gathered more results and samples, you may be able to find more matches if you search again with your test results.

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In the end, for genealogical purposes, we care not about surnames or their spellings, but about particular patrilineagesof which surnames in their variant spellings are merely the identifiers. There, the first appearance of a Gay who likely belongs to this family is the appointment of John Gay as an Orange County constable on 24Jun One complication is that there were several Ramsey families of the Calfpasture, but Mr. The article " Researching Common Names " may be helpful for your research. Under the circumstances, settlers often squatted, deferring formal land transactions, and if they died during that period, lacking substantial real property, left no trace in the probate records either. However, the only Samuel Ramsey of suitable age in was the Samuel who was the eldest son of William Ramsey who settled originally on the Little Calfpasture no later than 5May, when he appears on a road list with several of the Little River Gays. Samuel Palmer Gay - 10 Aug last edited 8 Nov

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