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See Latest Articles. Are you sure you want to logout? Some businesses make money by charging clients an hourly fee for a service, while others charge a flat fee. For sure. However, not everyone who wants to talk over a life experience chooses or can afford to see a therapist or psychiatrist. As the number of non-English speakers in the United States who are seeking health care continues to grow, so does the need for medical interpreters who can serve as a liaison between these patients and their doctors.

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So we started giving workshops — for free at first and then paid all over Germany.

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Live Your Heart Out March After I lost passion for my travel and digital nomad blog business, I ventured into personal development and finding your calling. Find people first or business idea first? If you have no idea what keyword research is and how it works, go here. Share this post if you found it helpful!

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Some businesses are waiting to see the outcome of California's November election--and the proposed ban on same-sex marriage--before they begin marketing to the LGBT community.

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