Gay activist alliance

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This event, scheduled to commemorate the first anniversary of the Stonewall riots was the first Pride march celebration in the United States. State and federal government. Public support for its "zaps" also declined. Gay Activists Alliance glbtq, Inc. Freedom of Information Act request. Both of these groups had equality in mind regardless of race or gender. Initial targets included Mayor John V.

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Lindsay, including the occupation of Lindsay's presidential campaign headquarters and of his mayoral office by members who chained themselves to his desk in protest against what the GAA considered to be his failure to provide adequate support for the gay civil rights bill the Clingan-Burden-Scholnick-Weiss Bill which was then deadlocked in the General Welfare Committee of the City Council.

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Gay Activists Alliance Firehouse

These protests helped spark interest in the upcoming Christopher Street Liberation Day events already planned for June 28th, and scheduled to commemorate the first anniversary of the Stonewall riots. Included is a paper bound set of photocopies of heavily annotated page proofs of the list which was being prepared for publication by University Microfilms. By focusing its energies on gay rights it hoped to avoid what it regarded as the mistake of other organizations such as the Gay Liberation Front which embraced a variety of New Left causes unrelated to the gay liberation movement. By its constitution a "single issue", politically neutral organization, the GAA scrupulously avoided endorsing candidates for public office, or involvements in causes not directly related to gay rights. This sub-committee was dedicated to outlawing homosexual job discrimination in both the public and private sector.

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Massachusetts - New Hampshire. They were soon joined by approximately 20 other men and women. By doing so, it hoped to avoid internal, partisan disputes among its members, and to attract persons of all political persuasions. The Mural was destroyed in the fire that destroyed the centre in Gay Activists Alliance records. The Gay Liberation Front lasted from toand not only did they address equality of gays, but they also addressed societal inequality issues such as sexism, racism, militarism, and some aspects of capitalism. At its headquarters, the "Firehouse", on Wooster Street in Greenwich Village it sponsored dances, cabarets, film and fashion shows, musical and theatrical events and consciousness-raising meetings.

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