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I said OK and went to the nearest grocery shop, and bought a bag of lays chips while I waited for his call. Aunty I will wait for Sravan …. It is absolutely fine". As I had told earlier, With my soft body, small boobs, pretty damn sexy ass and waxed, shaped legs, anybody who could have seen us must have mistaken me for a girl, which I had turned to be in exact. But this new development had me in a tizzy, I could sense that she was having an affair with a colleague of hers but I wanted to be sure. He put on a condom and which was chocolate flavored and he put some lotion in my ass too.

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What was I thinking?

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Life can be really stressful when you suspect your wife is cheating on you. It was quite a hunky body with less hair. He was the dream man of any girl and I had got him.

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Then they both looked at me and my wife asked me to get on my knees on the bed, she positioned herself near my face and asked me to lick like the bitch that I was.

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