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But the idea that 'the elite' meet in Bohemian Grove in Northern California to perform pagan rituals such as faux human sacrifice just seemed too good to be true. I have seen this film and when he thought he infiltrated the most secret place with orgy's, forbidden sins, doing god knows what with god knows who and these people are our leaders but when I saw this all it looked like he taped was a play that looked like it was satanic to one persons point of view, no orgy's, nobody running around in tootoos, nobody doing gay stuff while the American people think their leaders are perfect. Though I regularly violated Grove rule 20 "Members and guests shall sign the register when arriving at or departing from the Grove"I was never stopped or questioned Every year in mid-July the it hosts a three week encampment at what is known as the Bohemian Grovethat is attended by some of the most powerful people in the world. This should scare the right, the left, and moderates. So, I told him that I felt he was wrong, but just to prove him wrong, I offered to add it to the article. Alex Jones thinks that if he categorises his Science Fiction trilogy as being documentaries they will be better, which clearly is not the case.

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Once again Alex Jones has shown that he does not live in reality.

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How are adults different in this instance? Noss, professor at the University of California, Davishas written that fires within redwood forests do not need to be prevented, that young redwoods are adapted to regenerate well in the destruction left behind by the fires typical of the climate. It is not my role to take people that believe in Alex Jones' documentaries out of their fantasy-world. In fact, this user has been found guilty of this censorship twice. Retrieved July 14, The production was devised by James F. I really wanted to see Santa, The Evil Genie and Bush kissing a reindeer, oh well, should've known this film doesn't have any evidence of our leaders doing massive secretive black magic and wrongdoing and voodoo.

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I deleted it because the episode was not the subject of mainstream media commentary: The theatrics of the robes and the ceremony are certainly consistent with the dramatic theme of the camp. The Visual Arts in Bohemia: The world is what you make of it. How should it possibly comprise only two weeks but three weekends???

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